Answers To Common Issues

Are Avila products 100% natural?

Yes, they are.

Can’t I use Avila essential oil without mixing?

Depending on your skin. It is very important you mix your oil appropriately before use.

Can I buy Avila products anywhere?

No! You can only buy from Avila certified distributors and they are nearer to you as you think. Use our Store Locator to find one near you.

What are the ranges of products you have?

Avila has a wide range of products for all skin types. We also have special products for children and men

Must I pay before delivery?

It all depends on you. We advise you pay before delivery but in case where you have cash, it is allowed to pay at delivery. Meanwhile, you do not have the right to tamper with the product(s) for whatever reason before paying.

Must I pay a delivery fee?

It is 100% mandatory to pay a delivery fee though depending on your location in fee fare.

Can I return if I don’t like your products after purchase?

No! always take your time to understand the products you are buying before paying. Avila or Avila distributors will not accept the product return in whatever case.

Can I take inward your products?

No! Avila skincare product must only be applied on the skin and hair alone.

Why is your product not working as faster as I expected?

It is important to note that organic products take time to work and on other skin it can be faster. Some skin needs to pass through a process of restoration before renewal can take place.